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I provide the following services (click on the links to read more):



Ad-Hoc Massage:

For mothers who need post-natal massage at home.




To check my availability and to make appointments, you may contact me at my mobile 8522 3097 or and I will be more than happy to speak to you. 


Confinement Food Cooking Course:

For new mothers and/or caretakers of new mothers who wish to learn to cook your own confinement meals. Courses will be conducted 1 on 1 at your home

To check my availability and to make appointments, you may contact me at my mobile 8522 3097 or and I will be more than happy to speak to you. 


Parents' Course:


Due to popular demand, I will be starting a new Parents Course which will be conducted 1 on 1 at your home. The aim of this is to help train parents how to take care of their baby. I will guide and "hand-hold" you to let you gain confidence and skills to care for you and your baby gradually.


Who is this for?


  • New parents who due to unforseen circumstances wasn't able to aquire a confinment nanny
  • New parents who want to DIY their confinement and learn to take care of their new baby.
  • Parents who are not confident enough after their confinement nanny leaves.
  • Parents who is having their second (or more child), and want a refresher.
  • Parents who wants to train caregivers or helpers of their baby.


What is provided in the training?


  • 3 days house visit of duration between 1-2 hours each day.
  • Teach you how to breast feed
  • Essential skills for taking care of your baby on a daily basis, e.g bath, diaper change, proper way to hold your child etc.
  • How to take care of your baby when he/she is unwell with common conditions e.g fever, cold, blocked nose, rash
  • Teach you how to do baby massage for you baby
  • How to choose and prepare nutrition for you and your baby
  • I can teach you how to prepare confinement food if you can handle the kitchen


To check my availability and to make appointments, you may contact me at my mobile 8522 3097 or and I will be more than happy to speak to you.




Daytime Confinement Nanny:


Service Hours - Generally 9am till 6pm, but hours are flexible based on your needs.


Food and Nutrition - Taking great care of you and your baby is my highest priority and I will personally plan, prepare, cook confinement food and brew herbal tonics for you. Rest assured that no corners will be cut to ensure you get the proper nutrition needed in this very delicate period to nurse you back to a strong health. Needless to say, I will use quality ingredients and also ensure customisation of the food to suit your taste buds.


Breastfeeding Support - I believe that breastmilk is best for your baby and will support you in your efforts in areas such as feeding techniques, engorgement, increasing quantity of milk flow as well as appropriate diet. 


Infant Care - Eye, cord, skin care, bathing, feeding and common newborn conditions such as: jaundice, nappy/milk rash, excessive crying due to wind/colic, poor feeding habits


Mother Care - Preparation of Confinement Bath, Perineal/Caesarean wound care, personal hygiene

Laundry for Baby and You


Wellness massage for you - Massage to help you improve your physical and mental well-being. Also to help you relax after being hard at work at being a mother.


Baby Massage - Not to foget the little one too, they love massage it stimulate baby's central nervous system which helps them relax, sleep better and grow better.


Showing The Ropes - "Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach him to fish, he will eat for life". By the end of my services, I will see to it that you will be confident and competent in caring for your precious baby so that you are not left lost and helpless.



To check my availability and to make appointments, you may contact me at my mobile 8522 3097 or and I will be more than happy to speak to you.




It was great having someone look after Inẻs and knowing what I are was good for my post partum recovery. I loved my massages - a nice daily pamapring! Your breast massages helped immesnsely when my milk cam in. Thank you Aunty Lee for being my confinement nanny!!



Phie See xoxo


Dear Aunty Lee,


Thank you so much for taking good care of me and Baby Gareth througout this 1 month! I've learnt so much from you and I am now more confident of taking care of Gareth. Thank you for all the encouragement, help and advice you've given me especially for breast feeding. It has not been easy at first, but now I am much more comfortable with breast feeding. I will miss all your massages, herbal soup, healthy teas and yummy food! 真的非常感谢您对我及承晔的照顾!



Serene, Yih Sheng & Baby Gareth


Dear Aunty Lee,


Thank you so much for your tender care for Baby Effie during the 10 weeks. Thank you for your generosity in extending that care to everone in the family epecially Lucien (the very proud 2.5 years old big borther of Effie). We are truly lucky to have you on this journey for you have made such a wonderful big difference! We wish you all the best and pls do keep in touch!



Love. The Moon Family

Jan 2014


Dearest Aunty Lee,


I feel so blessed that I have you as a nanny this time round. Thank you for taking such good care of not only my baby, but my older daughter & husband too!


I love your cooking! And your wonderful massage helped me recover so much faster this time round. We felt loved & mothered. Thanks again!



Love KY & Weiwei & Sarah & Daniel!


Dear Aunty Lee,






Mommy Jamie

Daddy Hector





Aunty Lee,


Thank you so much for the wonderful help in the past month. After this, I am confident we can take good care of my baby now



Yu Yan and Baby Emily

July-August 2013


亲爱的 Aunty Lee,


很幸运和你所说的有缘能够请到你做为confinement nanny.






一个月的时间像箭一般飞过了。开心看到宝宝成长,你的服务期也要满了。未来,希望有你所教的知识,我能够一人独自照顾宝宝 :)





2013年 5月 28日


Dear Aunty Mama,


Thank you so much for all you have done for us and guiding us in caring for maegan ("mae mae"). Your kindness, love and concern for us really touched our hearts! No words can describe our appreciation towards you. THANK YOU!




You are a blessing to us.



Kelwin, Lou Wei &

Baby Maegan



Dear Aunty Lee,




真的很谢谢你,我们一定会很想念你,你一定要记得我们oh...打勾勾oh.以后阳阳的弟妹出生了都要你这个开心的Aunty Lee奶奶照顾oh!!





Dear Aunty Lee,


Thank you for your help during my confinement period. I am going to miss my nap when you are gone.


Thank you once again!




德妃,Loy (Baby 靖扬)




Thank you Aunty Lee for everything you have done for our family in this 1 month! You have been a great help providing us with knowledge and homecooked food. Wishing you all the best for the next year 2013!



You are the BEST!


Warmest Regards,

Daphne, Roman &

Cyenna Rianne Tuma



Dear Aunty Lee,


Thanks so much for all your help this month. The food, the advice given regarding taking care of baby ...


Thank you!!



   - 浩腾


Eric & Josephine (Baby 浩腾)

Dear Aunty Lee,






萧Family (Baby Melody)


Dearest Mum,


Thank you for your invaluable help and support, care and concern for baby and us. Your knowledge and expertise in caring for baby and I were instrumental in helping us cope as new parents. We couldn't have done it without you!!


Thank you so much!




Desiree & Jeff (Baby Caitlyn)

To Aunty Lee,


Thank you for making my confinement days such a memorable one. Auntie Lee is well-versed with the latest technique in caring for baby and makes delicious herbal soups.


谢谢你 Aunty Lee!





伊敏 (Baby Brandon)



Dear Aunty Lee,


         You have been such a blessing to me and baby Justin. I learnt so much from you and your willingness to teach and share your knowledge is amazing!


         Enjoyed the days when you were with us.Thank you.



Ms Chua (Baby Justin)



Dearest Mum,


In the western world, a confinement nanny is unheard of. I cannot speak highly enough of this Chinese custom. Thank you so much for being there & supporting Jacq and I as first time parents. You gave us plenty of rest & tips plus tons of T.L.C.


We Love You!



Your Son-In-Law, 

Greg Thacker (Grandson Seth)