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Tips, Tricks and FAQs

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. I will try my best to find time to respond.

  • Is air-conditioning allowed?

    Yes, absolutely. It is traditionally believed that mommies during confinement are not allowed to be exposed to wind (and as time advanced, the electric fan). This is because the wind carries with it moisture and causes "wind" in the body, and results in Rheumatism.

    I do allow mommies to use air-conditioning because air-conditioning is different from a fan or natural breeze, as it is dry. As long as the air-condition isn't directly blowing towards you and is set at a temperature of 25 degrees and above, I really see no harm. Good rest is very important for mommies during confinement, so an appropriate temperature can help mommies sleep comfortably in Singapore's warm and humid weather. 

  • Washing hair during confinement

    "Could I wash my hair during confinement?" is a question I receive all the time and I understand that this is near the top of the list of concerns for most mommies going into confinement.


    The answer is YES! It will be intolerable being unable to shampoo your hair for the entire confinement period, especially for those with oily / dandruff prone scalp conditions. I will usually prepare warm herbal bath water for my clients. These medicinal herbs are easily available in Chinese Medical Halls. I advise mummies to wash their hair last. After you've washed your hair with the herbal bath water, immediately towel and blow dry.